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Tour To Pavlovskiy Palace

Pavlovsk is a palace and park ensemble built in the end of 18 century as a summer royal estate for the Emperor Pavel I. Pavlovskiy Park is one of the biggest parks in Europe: it occupies terrytory of more than 600 hectare.

Since its creation Pavlovsk Park is known as one of the best landscaped parks in the world. The reason for the park being so attractive is incredible proportionality of landscape and architectural structures. Other researchers believe the success can be explained by a nice location of Pavlovsk Park - hilly yet not contrast landscape in the valley of river Slavyanka. Multiple turns of this river and its shores of different height allowed to harmoniously combine rigorous and classical buildings with surrounding nature.

Dominant position in the park belongs to the Pavlovsk Palace, which is built on a high bank of river Slavyanka. Pavlovsk Palace is visible even from the furthest corners of the park. Architect Cameron chose to build the Palace in then popular style of Italian country villa with a crowning dome.

You will enjoy visiting the Palace and its museum and a beautiful English park.


Daily throughout the year, accept Friday and first Monday in month from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m.

PRICE for Tour To Pavlovskiy Palace

Language (group 1-20 persons)

5 hour tour

Russian 5200 RUR
English, German, French 4500 RUR
Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Czech 4800 RUR
Arabic, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese, Turkish, Hungarian, Scandinavian 5100 RUR
Entrance Fee (adult) 600 RUR
Entrance fee (children and students) 420 RUR

The price is set for group.Cost of tour guides in other languages may differ. Transfer is not included.

Book Tour To Pavlovskiy Palace

To book the tour please call us at +7 495 228-8882 and our booking manager will provide you all nesessary information about this excursion. We draw your attention, that the Tour To Pavlovskiy Palace is granted with the condition of full payment. For payment we can send you a courier or you can come to our office.

You can book Tour To Pavlovskiy Palace by e-mail info@gotorussia.ru or by phone +7 495 228-8882 or through our online booking form.

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