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Moscow city tour for the writer Jackie Collins and singer Valeria

The world-famous British novelist Jackie Collins has visited Moscow with the presentation of her book. In the capital of Russia Jackie meet her Russian friend - the singer Valeria.

The company «GOTORUSSIA.RU» arranged for Jackie and Valeria interesting and full of leisure time in Moscow.

Breakfast at the hotel «Ararat Park Hyatt» and friendly conversation set the tone throughout the day. Positive attitude and interest in Russian culture, as well as traditional women's interests, defined route through the city. The women came out of the hotel and went on a trip to Moscow.

Moscow city tour included all the most beautiful places in Moscow, including Red Square and the Kremlin. Interesting and rich narrative story by guide «GOTORUSSIA.RU» is very fascinated writer. Then Jackie and Valeria visited the famous Moscow GUM store on Red Square. The writer studied the windows GUM very carefully: was looking at products, read price tags. She was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of their client and store. From GUM Jackie came with a gift - a talisman Russian Olympians - Cheburashka with red fur. Also Jackie like and Moscow ice-cream in waffle cup, which she was given during the walk.

After a busy day, we asked the Jackie Collins her impressions of Moscow, and that's what she told us:

- Frankly, the view of Russia, I completely changed! There are so many positive emotions - thanks for your guide! Earlier I used to your country rather wary ... Blame the reputation of your country! Whole world is talking about the scandalous history, when the Russian businessmen come to Europe with accompanied by a set of models and spent a lot of money. But now, when I traveled to Russia, saw its rich culture and architecture, learn the history and people - I promise that I will write a new novel about a sophisticated, elegant, educated Russian woman. This, what I saw in Moscow.