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Tour To The Museum Of Calligraphy

Contemporary museum of calligraphy is still one and the only museum dedicated to the art of writing from around the world. The museum has opened its doors only 3 years ago in 2008 on the initiative of the President of Museum and Educational Complex "Sokolniki" Alexei Shaburov.

During these years lots of objects of calligraphy have been moved to museum's exposition. In the museum in addition to the works of Slavic letters there are also works of prominent European calligraphy, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese and Chinese masters. You will see the unique ancient manuscript books and documents, tools and materials of calligraphy.

The ancient Chinese writing is particularly interesting because of its role in rising of calligraphy. In the museum you can not only have a look at the exhibition, but learn the basics of calligraphy under the guidance of masters and withdraw your first letters. Also the first and the only hand-written Constitution of the Russian Federation is being exhibited.

The museum always has various themed days, festivals and workshops with leading calligraphers of the world.


Metro stations: Sokolniki, EC "COKOLNIKI": 5 Luchevoy rides, 2, p. 1, Hall 7
Thirsday-Friday, 12 a.m. to 5 p.m.

PRICE for Tour To The Museum Of Calligraphy

Group Price for 1 hour tour
2-12 persons 800 RUR/per person

Transportation for Tour To The Museum Of Calligraphy

We provide any kind of transport you need for our tour. We offer you various class of vehicles with driver: budget, premium, luxury (vip taxi) and also minivans and coaches up to 50 peoples for comfortable tour in group.

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To book the tour please call us at +7 495 228-8882 and our booking manager will provide you all nesessary information about this excursion. We draw your attention, that the Tour To The Museum Of Calligraphy is granted with the condition of full payment. For payment we can send you a courier or you can come to our office.

You can book Tour To The Museum Of Calligraphy by e-mail info@gotorussia.ru or by phone +7 495 228-8882 or through our online booking form.

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